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Welcome to the homepage of Sokath.


Many have noticed that oil prices have risen sharply in the past years. The prices are becoming so high that it will be less bearable for the economy. Unfornately, the gas prices have risen as well due to the fact that gasoline is derived from oil through a process known as cracking. These prices will become higher in the near future due to the phenomenon known as the Hubbert Peak in global oil production (also known as Peak Oil). The consequences of the Hubbert Peak can be quite uncomfortable, because there exists no known "quick silver bullet" solution that can be scaled up very quickly so that it can compensate the decrease in oil production. In order to make the consequences more comfortable I'm trying to provide a software solution that can monitor and analyse the production of oil (and possibly other Fossil Fuels) and come up with suggestions how we have to do the transition to a more comfortable, green future. The software solution weares the name Sokath. Sokath has to become a realtime decision based software system that can act as a software solution for the mitigation of the negative consequences of the Hubbert Peak. Right now, it is a simple tool that can be used to make a prediction about the gasoline prices and the oil prices using differences in demand and supply, and a future production base.

The software uses data from BP, ASPO (Campbell and Alleklet), Koppelaar (PO Netherlands) and various other sources.

NOTE: You don't have to change anything in the program. If you find it all difficult to understand, then you can also just watch the graphs if you want to.


Update 0.5.5 has been released. The biggest changes are:
For Apple users: Apple machines are currently *not* supported natively (unless you know how to modify the wxWidgets GUI code in the Sokath source)

User Manual Instructions
You need Adobe Reader or another program capable of reading Sokath Manual PDF files (It can be accessed as follows: Windows Start Menu => All Programs => Sokath => SokathManual.pdf)